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Saturday, July 31, 2010

21 weeks

How far along: 21 weeks!

How big is baby: According to the Bump, Weston is about the size of a banana! The average size is 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces. He's definitely weighing in at a little more than that!

Weight Loss/Gain: I'm up 13 pounds. At my last appointment the midwife said I should be gaining about a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy to support healthy growth and breastfeeding.

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing my shorts and have gotten a good little collection ready for work to start again in the next few weeks.

Next appointment: August 24th.

Movement: I've been feeling a lot of movement and on Friday night my mom and I felt the biggest kick or punch or whatever it was!

Food cravings: I still like sweets and Arby's.

Food aversions: Nothing that I can really think of this week.

Best Moment this Week: Find out that we're having a little boy! It was amazing to see him moving about and to see that everything is developing correctly. I also enjoyed going out and buying him some gender specific clothes!

Worst Moment this Week: Just dealing with the on and off nausea still!

What am I looking forward to: My brother is coming to visit so that will keep me busy but I'm also looking forward to finishing the name letters for the nursery!

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