Waiting on the world to change...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4 weeks

Today I am 4 weeks pregnant with our new moon. Our baby is the size of a poppy seed! I took another test this morning and this evening and both were positive. It's still so hard to believe that this dream is coming true. I feel so blessed. I'm definitely feeling some symptoms already. I have been fatigued the past few days and yesterday I woke up with extremely tender/sore breasts. Although I am worn down physically, it's also reassuring to have signs that this is all real. I keep thinking I will wake up from this dream!

Justin told his parents today and they are very excited. They will be getting two new grandbabies in 2010! I also called Dad and Gayle and told them. They will coming out to visit at the end of the year! That is an amazing blessing and I'm looking forward to sharing time with them during the first month of my child's life. I also told Genna, but she has to keep the secret at work for at least 4 more weeks!

We have an appointment next Wednesday to visit Nativiti, which is a birthing center in the Woodlands. My mom and I are going to tour the facility and meet the midwives. I'm hoping it feels like a good fit for us and that enough of it is covered under my insurance to make it a viable option. It is just the way that seems right for me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So it begins, a BFP!

March was the first month Justin and I decided to officially TTC. In my typical fashion, I researched as much as I could about TTC and started charting my temperatures and getting to know how my body worked. Waiting to take a test to see if I was pregnant was the hardest part! I took my first HPT at 10 dpo which I knew was extremely early and got a negative. I wasn't surprised at all. After that, I decided I would wait four more days until Wednesday when my period was expected to start.

Fast forward 3 days to Tuesday morning (this morning!) when I woke up and just couldn't resist! I had some cheap HPTs I had gotten online so I decided to test. As I was waiting for the test, I didn't see a second line at first. The test said to wait for 5 minutes, so I tried to be patient and a few minutes later there was a faint second line! On a pregnancy test, they say a line is a line but I couldn't believe it! I took a picture of the test and sent it to my mom so she could tell me what she saw. She saw a faint line too! Then I had to send it to Justin and ask the same thing and he could see it! I think I surprised both of them because they didn't know I was going to test this morning!

It was a long day at work today because we had Math Night after school and I was the coordinator for it. But having the news of a positive test helped me through the day. When I got home that night, I took a digital test that I had bought and although it said wait for three minutes, after about one minute it said... PREGNANT!

Based on my last period, our estimated due date is December 8, 2010. We're all extremely excited for our holiday gift this year! It's hard to believe it happened so quickly. We're extremely blessed and praying for our child to begin growing healthy and strong!