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Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 weeks, 1 day

Yesterday was the 7 week mark which means only two more weeks until my first appointment at Nativiti. Earlier this week, they called and left me a message with some fantastic news about what my insurance will cover. We're responsible for my $500 deductible and the first $45 copay. After that, insurance will cover everything 100%! It was amazing news and quite a blessing.

On Tuesday I had some spotting in the morning and although I had told myself I wouldn't let it upset if it happened, it's so hard to see it and not worry. But it's completely natural and when I looked it up, it can definitely happened during this time as the embryo implants further. It was just the one brief bit on Tuesday morning and nothing since so I have faith that it is a good sign of my healthy baby doing what she/he needs to do!

It's also Earth Day today which (hopefully!) means some good deals online in the world of cloth diapers. This is a decision we've made and so I'm going to spend the next 33 weeks working on getting the best deals I can. Today I made my first CD purchase! I got one BumGenius AIO xs in Twilight and one BG AIO s in Clementine with a coupon code, one was free which means I only paid $16.95 for two BG AIOs because shipping was free! This is definitely a good deal on brand new BGs.

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