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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

36 weeks, 3 days

Today I went to my 36 week appointment at Nativiti. I saw Katherine and she measured me and we listened to Weston's heartbeat. Everything is measuring well and he had a nice strong heartbeat. His back is curved along my right side with his legs up near my ribs on the left and his head down. When I labor, I need to labor on my left side, on my hands and knees, or in forward leaning positions to encourage Weston to turn his back towards the front and not towards my back which could end up with back labor. We also discussed my birth plan, including who would be in the room, which room I would prefer, whether or not photos being taken in the room was okay with me, and if Justin wanted to be involved in catching Weston and cutting the cord. It was amazing and exciting to be answering these types of questions! Katherine also checked me internally and I am 1cm dilated this week. My next appointment is Monday so we will see what the news is then! I'm officially going to appointments every week now! We only have 25 days left until December 11th, although I may have given Weston permission to make his debut anytime after December 4th. I'm sure he'll be a very obedient little boy and follow all of my directions on this matter!

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