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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birthing Class, week 2

Last night we went to our second birthing class. When we got to Nativiti, there was a family who had just had a baby a few hours before. They were eating their meal and the mom was walking around with the new little boy. It was amazing to see the newborn and to see how good the mom looked. The family headed home right after birthing class started, just about 4 hours after the birth. It's amazing to think that in just about 8 weeks or so, it will be our turn!

Birthing class was good last night. We discussed the early stages of labor and practiced some different comfort positions and techniques. We did our breath awareness activity with the ice cubes again and it was better than week one. I need to practice my breath awareness more and more though. We also got to roleplay where the dads were pregnant and the moms were supposed to be the comforters. I wasn't too great at that as all I did was laugh the whole time and the way Justin was moaning. I think he will be a much better comforter than I was! I was touched by the fact that later in the night he said that he wished he could just feel what a contraction really felt like so he would know.

It's hard to believe that with our second class over, we're already halfway done with birthing class! November will be here before we know it and we will be in the final stretches of this pregnancy. I remember how far away it seemed when we first found out in March and now I will probably be holding Weston in less than 60 days!

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