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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthing Class, Week 1

Last night was our first birthing class. The class is 3 hours long, once a week, and lasts for four weeks. I remember when it seemed like it was so far away and now it's here. It's exciting and crazy! There are 6 couples in our class. 4 are having girls, 1 isn't finding out, and then there's us with little Weston. Last night we did a number of relaxation exercises and discussed worries and concerns we had. I felt like I have less fear than some of the other women in the class. I really feel confident in my body's ability to do this. Yes, I know there will be pain but it will be a different pain than I've ever felt in my life and it will be pain with a beautiful end result.

We also did an activity where we held ice cubes in our hand for a certain amount of time. It was painful! We discussed how we felt while we held the ice cubes. Then we did it again with the other hand, but our teacher talked to use through it and guided us to focus on different things. It still hurt but the time felt a lot shorter. She assured us that it was the same amount of time! It's definitely something to remember when the time comes. Focusing on other things seems like it will be very useful.

We also got a chance to do some birth art. We were supposed to think of something that was memorable about this pregnancy and draw it. It could be anything we wanted and it could be illustrated in any way that felt right. Just drew a home pregnancy test because the first thing that came to mind was that day I sent him the picture on his phone and asked if he could see the second line. Then he added a bunch more to represent how I went a little crazy taking tests over the days that followed! That was the first moment that came to mind for me as well, but as I continued to think of other moments, the ultrasound where we first saw Weston when he was a little gummy bear came to mind. Then I thought about the ultrasound where we found out that we were having a boy. Justin told me that he cried tears of joy and that will forever be with me. So, that was what I illustrated.

It was a good class overall and I felt very comfortable. Next week I think we're going to be practicing some comfort techniques and moving around. That will definitely make everything more real!

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