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Friday, September 10, 2010

26 weeks, 6 days! Third trimester!

Today is the first day of third trimester! It seems like just yesterday that got my first faint positive test. Now there are just 92 days left until our due date!

I had a beautiful dream last night. My Nana was in the dream and it was extremely vivid. I could see her and hear her. Weston was also in the dream and he was talking some. He called her Grandma and I told him that he name was Nana. He squealed and smiled so big and said (very loudly), "Nana!" and she just smiled at him as she held him. It was a truly moving dream for me. Of course, it had the weird dream aspects as well like the fact that he was pretty sturdy and obviously not a newborn, but I was telling everyone how he had just been born. In the dream, I also couldn't remember exactly what day he'd been born. I think we finally figured out that was December 20th. I think he was supposed to be three days old or so in the dream, and already talking! Dreams are definitely interesting things, but it was wonderful to see Nana and to see her holding my son.

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