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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

24 weeks, 4 days

I had my 24 week appointment at Nativiti yesterday and when I got there they asked if we were doing the follow-up ultrasound. I was definitely okay with that so she got me in the computer and we were ready. It was wonderful to get to see Weston again. He has grown so much since last month! Oh, and he's still very much a boy. He's not the biggest fan of the ultrasound though and started kicking away. She was able to get his head measurements that we missed last time and she got his face before he decided to turn his head to us and refuse to turn back. She said he has a very nicely shaped head and his nose and upper lip look good. She took his "Halloween picture" when he was facing us once and with the dark hollow spots for eyes he definitely looked ready for Halloween. I also got a very clear picture of one of his ears! I was happy to see that everything looks good with our boy, I love him so much already.

Next month is the dreaded glucose test! I get to do it in the afternoon and just need to eat high protein before the appointment. Then I will drink the glucola and watch a video on birth experiences for an hour before they draw my blood. I am optimistic that my results will be good, although I am not looking forward to drinking the glucola!

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