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Friday, June 4, 2010

13 weeks, 2 days

Last week I found out that I had possibly been exposed to Fifth disease a few weeks ago so I got some blood drawn to see if I had the antigen. I got my results this week and I am not infected and I have been exposed before! That means I'm not at risk and neither is our little one. Although I wasn't too worried about it, it's nice to know for sure.

I bought my first maternity item today because I needed a pair of shorts! I'd looked a few places but finally found a pair at JCPenney that were comfortable but not too baggy in the legs. So, at least I'm set with one pair of shorts that should last me through the summer.

I gained around 4 pounds through my first trimester which I've read is fairly average so I'm feeling pretty good about that. My nausea seems to be improving as well. School's out for the summer so I should be able to get as much rest as I need now too!

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