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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

11 weeks

The past week did not go quite as quickly as others have gone but that is partially because the end of the school year is so close and that seems to make some days drag and others fly by. The past few days have been a bit better in terms of feeling sick. The mornings have been better, although the afternoons and evenings can still be rough. Still, I'm hoping the end of the constant nausea is in sight!

After reading some tips on a blog I follow, I've started entering giveaways on blogs for different baby related items. Winners are chosen at random, so I figured it was worth entering! I have as good a chance as everything else to win, right?

Well, this week I won two that I entered! I won an AIO cloth diaper and an adorable moon shaped nightlight! For the diaper, I got to choose the color I wanted so I went with a sage color because it is neutral and I don't have anything in that color yet.

The nightlight is made by KinderGlo and it never gets hot to the touch! We can change the color settings and choose between fade off in 30 minutes and stay on all night! Plus, I liked it because it was shaped like a moon!

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